Atmosphere Tips

changing how you launch hbmenu and games

This is the default loader.ini config in /atmosphere/


[default_config] override_key=!L cheat_enable_key=!L

I started with atmosphere 0.8.3 that I normally tap on album icon to open my hbmenu and tap on games to open games.
When I updated to 0.8.5, I open my album to see my own gallery of pics like in OFW. I read thru change logs on the github.
I had to press R to open hbmenu from my album. I open games to see hbmenu. I would have to press R to open one of games to game.

I decided to make it abit easier by editng my loader.ini
I added ! before R in this line override_key=R making this line to be override_key=!R

next thing, when I open one of my games, it go to hbmenu.
I figured out that it will help me to get full RAM for retroarch or other homebrew apps.
I decided to leave it to true because I run retroarch.

I know some people do not need full RAM.
if you do not need full RAM, you can change this line override_any_app=true to override_any_app=false so you do not have to hold R when opening your game.

My own loader.ini here



Disabling Cheats

Atomsphere come with cheat engine enabled on default settings. I saw that many people have issues with games or want cheats disabled.

Open system_settings.ini in atmosphere folder and find this line

dmnt_cheats_enabled_by_default = u8!0x1

change this line to

dmnt_cheats_enabled_by_default = u8!0x0

If you want to cheat. you have to leave it as u8!0x1

More info on cheating here: My Cheating Tutorial

Custom Boot Screens

I read thru gbatemp and found out that people are able to make custom boot splash screen. very cool!

The custom boot splash screen have to be 1280 x 720 and rotated 90 counterwise. It can be done easily in photoshop and saved as a bmp in 32bit.

More of the splash screens and more of my made ones too.
Atmosphere Splashes

I add this line to BCT.ini in /atmosphere/ on my sd card. then I put bootlogo.bmp in the atomosphere folder.

custom_splash = atmosphere/bootlogo.bmp
Here is my custom boot splash screen

Direct download of My favorite boot screen (Mario with middle fingers out)

My own BCT.ini here

stage2_path = atmosphere/fusee-secondary.bin
stage2_addr = 0xF0000000
stage2_entrypoint = 0xF0000000

custom_splash = atmosphere/bootlogo.bmp

; Note: Disabling debugmode will cause parts of ams.tma to not work, in the future.
debugmode = 1 
debugmode_user = 0

nogc = 0
; To force-enable nogc, add nogc = 1
; To force-disable nogc, add nogc = 0
After 9.0.0 update: I have issues reading my game carts. after talking with ReSwitched Team. in the stratosphere section. I needed to add this nogc = 0
nogc = 0
; To force-enable nogc, add nogc = 1
; To force-disable nogc, add nogc = 0