Atmosphere Cheating Tutorial

Atomsphere come with cheat engine enabled on default settings. but It is good idea to verify that you have it enabled.

Check for system_settings.ini in /atmosphere/config folder and find this line and make sure it is set to u8!0x1 dmnt_cheats_enabled_by_default = u8!0x1

if you do not have the system_settings.ini file in /atmosphere/config/, Do not worry about missing file and the cheat engine is already enabled :)

get cheats from you also can find cheats at gbatemp at

some one of the cheats zips already have folders setup in them. if first folder is sxos. you need to rename sxos to atmosphere, you also need to rename the second folder to contents and just copy it to your sd card. you might want to go to the txt file in the cheats folder and open it in notepad and remove any cheats you do not want to use.

if you just get txt file or get cheat codes from forums. you need to set up your folder for cheats. you need to know game title id.

for example: I need to use cheats in Dragon Quest Builder 2. I get title id from this page at

the title id for Dragon Quest Builder 2 is 010042000A986000

I need to setup my folders on my sd card like this


I would put cheats txt in the cheats folder.

might you may want to edit the text file to remove the cheats that you do not want to use.

ignore the titles folder, this pic was taken when atmosphere was 0.9.4 Cheating

Video here of myself loading the cheats txt for pokemon sword.