About this guide

I want to be clear that I did improved and modified the Nintendo Homebrew's guide and I am giving credit and thanks to those people listed here.
I forked this guide and modified it to make it more simpler, less steps, and have more extra guides for common things done on Switch CFW.
I used my Nintendo Switch to modify this guide :)

my switch

Thank you very much to those people below here.



The original guide at https://switchgui.de This guide was written by staff members of the Nintendo Homebrew Discord Server



SciresM, TuxSH, hexkyz, fincs, Flump, jerbear64, Phoenix, xGhostBoyx, Such Meme Many Skill, PhazonicRidley, emmo, dennthecafebabe, Dax and oreo639.

Thank you to everyone else that contributed to the guide on GitHub, but special thanks to noirscape.

Developer / Tool credits