How did I got started with SMO Modding

  1. hacked/modded switch
  2. own legal copy of Super Mario Odyssey (game cart or eshop)
  3. PC with windows 7 or 8 or 10
  4. ability to figure/find infos on gbatemp or google.

basically, I have past experiences with nintendo console modding and game modding.
I started with putting atmosphere cfw on my switch and watch bunch of youtube videos.

I am going to make this quick and short and more focus on starting on modding the Super Mario Odyssey game.

  1. dump your game and get romfs files on your pc.

  2. get switch-toolbox from here

  3. get Odyssey Editor from here

  4. setup the switch-toolbox and Odyssey Editor on your hard drive.

  5. watch the tutorials on youtube below:

Full Extensive SMO Level Editing Tutorial | Includes Path Editing


How to Import Custom Models into SMO Tutorial (Read Pinned Comment)

Super Mario Odyssey Model Importing Tutorial

Sign Text and Video Replacement Tutorial|Super Mario Odyssey Modding Challenges #5

Custom Level Editing|Scenarios Tutorial

6. open up the editors and learn and experiment :)

7. once you get hang of using the editors and editing the szs files.
8. have a way to load your mods on your switch. I setup ftpd on my switch and use ftp client to load my mods on my switch.
basic swapping of winged goomba with ufo saucer and loading it on my switch

Resources: GBATemp