Ely's Reasons and FAQs

This is my own opinions, my own words, and my own experince.

My Reasons for hacking/modding my switches

  1. I wanted to mod my games that I bought
  2. I am artist and I wanted to do artistic stuff
  3. I wanted to use cheats in games only local play. The cheats are more fun for me :)
  4. It is more fun to do more stuff on switch :)
  5. make my own homebrew apps
  6. ability to do more things like look up weather or other things (my own weather app work great on my android switch)
  7. experimenting

My Reasons for running atmosphere on my switches instead of xxxxxxx custom firmware

  1. It is free and open sourced. I love to read codes.
  2. I can do changes to the code if I needed to.
  3. Splash screen are not changable in one of other CFWs I know. It is ugly to me!
  4. They are very fast with updating atmosphere code to work with the switch's firmware updates. (9.0.0 update was out on monday and They have it working in few days)
  5. lowest ban risk with your own legit games. (I have not been banned on my online atmosphere switches with only game carts used on it.)
  6. very flexible cfw and it is easy for me to work with.
  7. good support of using cheats. I can easily use cheats in the games.
  8. easy to setup and update for me. I know how to manage files myself.
  9. I love black and blue colors in the atmosphere cfw. I hate red color.
  10. The atmosphere have much less issues then other CFWs. I had to fix minor issue with reading my game carts after 9.0.0 update then is it.
  11. lastly, I am very happy with my atmosphere setups on my three switches now :) 1 is test switch and it was used in my tutorials.
  12. Atmosphere is more FUN for me :)

I am someone who had years of programming and modding consoles. I got into programming and modding consoles around late 90s.